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I don’t watch nearly as many YouTube clips as I’d probably like to, because my connection is not great even in the depths of winter and videos tend to pause and stutter. And I am somewhat reluctant to watch YouTube clips at work. Nevertheless, here are a couple that I have had pointed out to me.

This one I saw as a link on Twitter, but I didn’t make a note about who pointed it out: Women’s ideal body shapes through history. I especially like the vapid expression of the woman who represents the sixties. All the hair styles and things add nice detail.

And something completely different that a friend pointed out: a Harry Potter mix that gives Severus Snape the central role. I always liked Snape. He was complex and interesting and brave and, in his own way, definitely heroic. Also, the music on this clip is great. The first part is “Heart of Courage” by Two Steps from Hell, their Invincible cd. I wouldn’t have known that: my friend told me. I wound up getting the cd, which I am trying not to overplay and get bored with. I really like it.

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6 thoughts on “Have you seen these?”

  1. The body shapes video refuses to play for me, but the Snape one is interesting. He’s certainly the most interesting character in Potterverse, unless you take the theory of Dumbledore being a manipulative bastard intelligent evil overlord style and run with it. I can’t take rereading the books, but when I just put plot points up against the theory it holds up rather well.

    The Snape video reminds me of a fanfiction the Teen pushed me to read recently: the Severus Snape Fan Club which give Snape and Harry a happy ending together (parental). Although the t-shirts were the best part, IMO.

  2. When I checked the Harry Potter character Myers-Briggs chart you posted a link to a couple of years ago, I was absolutely delighted to find that I fall into the same category as Snape. Yah!

  3. Oh, I thought I checked the link! You can definitely google “women’s body shapes through history YouTube” and get to it; that’s how I found it again after I knew it was out there. Do you have a link to the fanfiction? Because that sounds kind of cool.

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