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I just want to mention that there seems to be a rule* that, if one dog comes in lame, lame enough that you feel compelled to carry her up and down stairs and take her out for walks on leash rather than letting her lose in the yard, it will be:

a) Your heaviest dog, and

b) Raining


Poor Dora!

Actually, she went in the x-pen herself and even though it’s open now, she’s still in there. I only closed it to make sure she wouldn’t try to follow me up and down the stairs as I did housework. She will be fine in a day or so, btw. She twisted or hyperextended her front right pastern. This is the sort of thing that happens to one dog or another every year or so, so I know what to check for. On Thursday night, when I was going over her leg, she yipped when I gently flexed the joint. Yesterday she just gave me a worried look when I did the same thing. Today she is almost not lame, but I want to make sure she continues to improve, so no stairs or jumping and leash-only walks today and tomorrow.

Incidentally, if your dog is ever so lame that she carries her leg right off the ground and won’t bear weight on it, you should just take her to the vet right away. I’m sure that is obvious.

* Alternate rule: it’s whichever dog has a show the next day

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