The Incredibles II

So you all probably now that a sequel to “The Incredibles” is on the way, right? I think even I knew that, and I follow movie and tv news less than basically anybody. But there’s a post over at, all about seven possible directions Brad Bird, the producer, could take a sequel.

Now, “The Incredibles” was possibly the best animated movie ever made, right? As it happens, I just watched it again over the Christmas holiday, and wow, Brad Bird did an amazing, amazing job. The overt story line is fine, the subtext is wonderful, and who knew you could make stretchiness look like such a cool power? It is indeed hard to think of how Bird could handle the sequel so that it would be as good as the first job.

Of the suggestions at the post, a couple are fairly ridiculous. Only the second suggestion — The Incredibles Unmasked — appeals to me or seems at all likely. When we were watching the original movie over Christmas, my brother suggested moving forward and looking at the kids after they have grown up a bit. Maybe that could work. Things I can say for sure, though:

1. I want to see Edna again. She is fantastic.

2. We need to know the limits of Jack Jack’s powers. Right now he seems to be able to a) levitate, b) go through walls, c) change into a demon, d) change into metal, and e) burst into flame. That is quite a spectrum. Is it too much? Can Brad Bird make Jack Jack a real character and not a deus ex?

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2 thoughts on “The Incredibles II”

  1. If Jack keeps that range of powers, one way to possibly make it interesting would learning control. Randomly bursting into flame would be hard on the furniture (and other people). Even Edna might have a difficult time crafting a uniform that could handle all that.

  2. Well, I definitely would not volunteer to babysit him until he was a bit more predictable, that’s for sure! I wonder if Edna could make a costume that could go through walls?

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