Philip K Dick

Here’s an interesting post on Philip K Dick, over at This bit, a quote from Dick himself, is what caught my eye:

“I used to dig in the garden, and there isn’t anything fantastic or ultradimensional about crab grass…unless you are a sf writer, in which case, pretty soon you’re viewing crabgrass with suspicion. What are its real motives? And who sent it in the first place? The question I always found myself asking was, What is it really?”

Next summer, I am going to eye my crabgrass with far more speculation. What is it really?

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2 thoughts on “Philip K Dick”

  1. Off topic: I just enjoyed Jinx and Jinx’ magic, which I found through your recommendation, and am hoping Sage Blackwood is having a good time writing the sequel, so I can get to read it soon, too. Thank you for your “year’s best” review!
    As I also enjoyed the Merrie Haskell books (also discovered through your recommendation), and have lately disliked most young adult books because I really dislike dystopia, vampires, zombies, horror and too much angst, I guess at least some of my reading tastes are growing younger.
    So I guess I should be looking at more Midlde Grade book recommendations, but I have no idea where to start. Where do you get your MG recommentations?

    In somewhat the same vein, Elizabeth Goudge’s charming children’s book Linnets and Valerians, that I mentioned some months ago, is now out as an ebook under the American title “The Runaways”; I saw it on Kobo at -as it has the Dutch country code in it I’m not sure that link will work for you, but it’s also available on the UK Amazon kindle shop, and considering they’re using the USA title I expect it will be available in the USA as well.

  2. Hi, Hanekke — if you want recommendations for MG that adults might like, I’d suggest you check out Charlotte’s Library and Random Musings of a Bibliophile. They both emphasize MG, especially Charlotte. As a plus, their taste often aligns with mine, which hopefully suggests it’ll also agree with yours.

    And thanks for the pointer! I like the title Linnets and Valerians a lot better than the new title. But I see why the publisher wanted to switch.

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