A memorable turn of phrase

So, I’m reading PLANET NARNIA, by Michael Ward.


It’s a nonfiction book about the underlying coherent organization of the Chronicles of Narnia, not something I ever worried about, actually, when I was reading and re-reading them as a kid. Actually, I’m not sure I even have copies any more. Hmmm.

Anyway, it’s a bit erudite, but interesting. I haven’t gotten too far into it yet. Then I hit this bit, which made first pause, then re-read, then laugh out loud:

“We must remember that each Narnia story is “something made” as well as “something said”. Too often critics (both friendly and hostile) have treated the Chronicles as if they were principally works of propaganda and have exchanged their poetry for a pot of message.”

Congratulations to Michael Ward for pulling that one off!

Anyway, I’m reading nonfiction because, as you may have guessed, I’m busy. I am working on revisions for MOUNTAIN, I just got hopefully final comments back from Michelle about KERI (Now officially THE KEEPER OF THE MIST) and have a fast-approaching deadline to turn that around, I am baking (though at a slower, more sane pace now that I have mailed the cookies I send as gifts — eighteen kinds counting the marshmallows and other candies), AND I am running my two older girls up to the cardiologist in St Louis tomorrow for their biannual heart checks. I hope their murmurs haven’t progressed one bit since last July, but I want to check before they have their dentals later this month.

ALSO, Honey has come into season. Ishmael hasn’t noticed yet, but he will very soon. Yet it would be unkind to pen up either of them with no playmate. By a handy coincidence, my friend Deb’s Natalie has also just come into season and her boy is also going to be making himself a nuisance. So tomorrow we are doing a puppy shuffle. I get both girls, Deb gets both boys, and in a few weeks we’ll switch back.

But at least my last Christmas present has arrived! I can wrap it and put away the wrapping paper.

Here’s hoping all of you are having a smooth (if probably busy) run up to Christmas!

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2 thoughts on “A memorable turn of phrase”

  1. Kim, I hope you enjoy it! If the author has any other plays on words, they’ve been too subtle for me. But it’s an interesting book and is making me want to go re-read the Chronicles of Narnia.

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