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Just thought I’d point out a few interesting posts from around and about:

First, at Rinn Reads, a cool If You Like ____ —-> You Might Like _____ post, leading from YA science fiction to adult science fiction. I don’t really differentiate that much between YA and adult in the first place, and not only that, I’m hampered by not having read many of the recommended on either the YA or the adult side of that post. But it’s a cool idea. You could do it by theme:

If you liked The Adoration of Jenna Fox —–> try … what? The Speed of Dark? That one is about what what it means to be “normal” or a “full” person, and about “playing God” by changing people.

Also, here’s a post about virtual reality at Oh, The Books.

Similarly, in Ready Player One, the OASIS becomes a main way of life for much of the developed world. Space is limited, and many people live in stacks upon stacks of trailers — not very comfortable living conditions. So, they step inside the OASIS, a huge virtual universe for them to explore. Many people work in the OASIS, and school is done completely virtually (each student gets a set of school-assigned visor and gloves!).

I’ve heard a lot about Ready Player One. Maybe it’s pinged my radar enough that I should go ahead and add it to my wishlist.

In a guest post at Fantasy Book Cafe a few days ago, Martha Wells recommended some older SF titles. Has anybody but me (and Martha Wells) read Mirabile by Janet Kagan? I really enjoyed all three (3) of Kagan’s books, including Hellspark and her Star Trek tie-in Uhura’s Song. Unfortunately, I don’t think she ever wrote any other books.

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4 thoughts on “Cool SF Links”

  1. Actually, we have Mirabile on our shelves, so my husband must have read it – I haven’t.
    She wrote a bunch of short fiction, but I am not aware of more novels either.
    ‘fetches it off the ‘read shelves’ and places on the TBR pile.

  2. I’m so pleased to see Martha Wells mention Tanith Lee’s DON’T BITE THE SUN/DRINKING SAPPHIRE WINE. I’ve read most of Lee’s substantial backlist and that duology is my very favourite. Anyone familiar with her dark fantasy/horror work is likely to find those books surprisingly different.

  3. I was curious enough to check, and — sad news, those three books are definitely it for Janet Kagan: so says her obituary on the SFWA site. (“February 29, 2008, of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, after a long illness. She was 63.”)

  4. Oh, really, Cheryl? That’s good to know. I didn’t like the Tanith Lee I tried, but it was definitely dark/horror.

    Craig, what a shame. I hadn’t realized.

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