Cats . . . sort of

People do sometimes come up with curious hobbies. And luckily (?) thanks to the internet, we are likely to find out about them.

I mean, we all know that the internet is full of cat pictures and kitten videos. Why, I myself have been known to indulge in the occasional kitten video.

But check this out from


This is a shark cat! Brynn Metheney, who creates critters for D&D and other games, came up with this concept and has done a whole selection of shark cats. Including a calendar, available (along with lots of other things) from her store. In case you think you might like a shark cat calendar for your office, say. I suspect it would be quite a conversation piece.

On the same theme, sort of, have you ever checked out The Worst Cat tumblr? Here is an example:

Worst cat

Welcome to the Worst Cats. Some people like all breeds of cat. But I think some breeds are just gross.


“Oh man I don’t like looking at deformed animals” – coworker

“I don[‘t think that’s a cat, Sara. How did you find out about this cat” – cat expert
“It looks like a combination between a cat, a dog and a pig. Is that what they look like when they’re newborn?” – friend
“That’s disgusting. Are you trolling me?” – computer expert
“That is a hippo” – someone who knows nothing about cats

This is oddly funny. I bet it won’t surprise you to know that someone then started a tumbr called “The Worst Hippo.” With, of course, pictures of cats. Some of the cats are pretty peculiar, even for cats.

Okay, I can’t leave you with a hippo, or even a shark cat. Let’s have a proper kitten:


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