For SF month — Sci-Fi Subgenres

Here’s part one of a nice, fairly thorough set of recommendations sorted out by subgenre, this one posted at the blog The Thousand Lives.

SF/Fantasy crossover — Steelheart is listed as an example. I really do need to listen to or read that one of these days (I have it in both paper and audio now).

Space Western — more examples are listed than just Firefly.

Post-apocalypse — I know, so many examples these days.

SF fairy tale retellings — that one is particularly interesting, but it does seem to be a slightly more common subgenre than I expected, especially if you include retellings of things that aren’t fairy tales, like For Darkness Shows the Stars
and Jenna Starbourne.

And here’s part two, from the blog Looking for the Panacea: SF subgenre recommendations. Included subgenres:

Space opera — defined by elements of romance, melodrama and adventure, set mainly or entirely in outer space

Steampunk — I really have not read very widely in this subgenre.

Time Travel — they don’t mention Blackout / All Clear, but that’s the one that springs to mind for me.

Dystopia — I KNOW, too many to even count, but I do like the inclusion of Fahrenheit 451 — always nice to include some of the older works rather than just the current huge list of YA titles.

Anyway, always interesting to read through someone else’s list of subgenres and recommendations.

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