Happy Halloween!

A few links to make sure you’re all in the mood: Of course everybody has Halloween posts up, but since I’m not into actual horror, I lean toward this post at tor.com: Twelve books to bewitch you. My favorite of the titles on the list: DEALING WITH DRAGONS. Because hey! Everybody loves Morwen, right? Plus, while some of Patricia Wrede’s earlier books are good, I think she really hit her stride in the Dragon series.

Oh, wait! It’s possible my *real* favorite on tor.com’s list is GARDEN SPELLS. Katherine Addison Allen is hard to beat. The magic is subtle in that one, yes, but it lends such charm to an already lovely story. You can click through and see which one you might pick.


While we’re on the subject of witches, Heidi at Bunbury in the Stacks is having a giveaway focused on a charming MG witch series — THE WORST WITCH. Heidi says: “Guys, these books are adorable. For every kid (or adult) who has ever struggled at anything and learned to not only laugh about it, but to keep trying, this is a series for them. Mildred Hubble is a terrible witch. She’s a klutz, she’s scatterbrained, in short–a complete misfit built for magical mayhem. Everything always seems to go wrong for her from her tabby cat (it was supposed to be black) to her broom (no longer in one piece).”

Naturally the giveaway runs through today, so there’s still time to click over and enter.

Also, check out these fantastic Halloween cakes! Most of them have links to the recipes, including my favorite, the pretty but not spooky Pumpkin Chocolate Cake.

The prettiest might be the spider web cake. You can click through and see what you think. Also, somebody please explain why a mouse in a maze is considered a Halloween cake? Am I missing something? To me, that looks like something you might take to a potluck at the psych department.

Anyway, have a great Halloween! I don’t exactly dress up, but I wear my orange “I Don’t Do Costumes” t-shirt and skull earrings. And I enjoy seeing what other people (who go to way more effort that I do) wear.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. For Halloween I wore an elaborate princess dress, with a crown that I bought from the dollar store. Even though I was too old to Trick or Treat, I went with my friends. Ho did you spend your Halloween? I pretty much watched Family Feud when I got home and then fell asleep. As for the mouse in a maze, I guess that they only considered it a Halloween cake because people are afraid of mice. The pumpkin cake you mentioned looks delicious, I might as well make it and eat the whole thing myself. I love the list of books you provide, I looked them over and I kind of like The Memory Garden, sound spooky to me, I was surprised to find The Witch of Blackbird Pond, that was my favorite book when I was a kid. Anyways, don’t you fell that the commercials nowadays are putting too much emphasize on Christmas? It’s like they want to skip a whole month in order to get more customers in.(sorry I rambled too much)

  2. Hi, Lili, I must admit that I did nothing at all for Halloween, except wear my skull earrings and nibble dark chocolate. We live way out of town, so no little kids come around, which is a bit too bad, as I think I’d enjoy seeing the tots dress up.

    Yes, I’m pretty sure everybody but store owners think the Christmas stuff starts waaaaay too early these days.

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