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At last! I get to make an exciting announcement!

The announcement has just appeared in Publisher’s Marketplace, so it’s official! So let me tell you about —

Oh, I’m starting this story in the wrong place. Let me back up.

If you’re a writer, you already know how immensely flattering it is when a reader takes the time to tell you that he or she loves one of your books. It totally makes your day. If you’re not a writer, let me assure you that this does not get old.

What’s even MORE flattering is when a writer whose work you admire comes up to you and tells you she loves your work. THAT makes your month.

But it turns out that beyond even THAT is when an editor approaches your agent and says, “I love your client’s work. Does she have anything I might be able to look at?”

This is what happened a month or two ago, when Navah Wolfe, editor of the new Saga Press SFF line at Simon and Schuster, called Caitlin.

So, it’s now official: Saga Press will be bringing out THE MOUNTAIN OF KEPT MEMORY and also KEHERA (now tentatively titled THE WINTER DRAGON). One will come out in 2016 and the other in 2017. I will be revising MOUNTAIN to make it an adult fantasy — this is an adult SFF line — and also to, uh, well, it’s complicated. To smooth the plot out in a way that both Navah and I think will improve the final book. It’s a pretty significant re-write, but it shouldn’t take too long and in general I sort of kind of like revision, so hopefully I will enjoy doing this one.

Anyway! I could not be more pleased and excited about this deal! Especially since this gives me one YA and one Adult fantasy title scheduled for release in 2016, and again in 2017. How about that! Here is a representation of my happy dance:


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12 Comments At last! I get to make an exciting announcement!

  1. Rachel

    Thank you all! I’ve been looking forward to announcing this for a month and a half! The whole thing zipped along like lightning . . . for publishing. But it was still hard to sit on the news.

  2. Cheryl L

    That is just great! And a real compliment given how many good authors are struggling to get published, let alone by a big company like Simon & Schuster.

  3. Rachel

    Thank you, Matthew! I’m going to be burbling about this for the rest of the year, I’m sure! Thanks, Linda!

    And Cheryl, I KNOW. I’m sure we could all make a list of authors who deserve the same kind of deal.

  4. Rachel

    I know! Rushing forward at glacial speed! Alas, that’s what happens when your releases are scheduled eighteen months in advance.

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