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The World is a Fantasy Novel

Yes, another collection of amazing pictures from Twitter, presented as evidence that we are really living in a fantasy novel:


I’m sure the sun doesn’t shine through this rock on just on any common dawn. No, once every hundred years, the sun rises at exactly the right angle.

Then, if you’re standing at exactly the right spot on this beach, the light illuminates letters in a forgotten tongue, carved deep into the cliff behind you. The letters begin to glow until it seems they are filled with fire.

With your long training in the mystical arts — or your gift of tongues — you can read the words carved there. As you read them, they reveal at last the prophecy that unlocks the central mystery of the story and enables you to fulfill your quest and save the world.


What does it mean when the butterflies gather like this? Don’t trouble to describe the seasons or mention ecology: I will tell you what it means.

This tree is not just any tree. It is the source of a special fountain of magic, which has poured itself out into these butterflies, called here to this place for just this purpose. In a moment, the butterflies will scatter on the wind, carrying dreams and portents on their sapphire wings.

When one of these butterflies lights on your hand, you’ll be swept up in a memory of a long-past age. All images and emotions, this memory will not be clear. But it will offer you a tantalizing hint to follow on your journey, during which you are certain to meet others touched by butterfly dreams.

Japanese Maples

These trees could be Japanese maples, as the caption said on Twitter. But I suspect they are related to mallorns. As those leaves fall, the world is paved and framed and roofed in carnelian light. Walking through this grove of trees might very well carry you to another world, one of high magic and — perhaps — terrible danger.

Perhaps elves walk in the shadows of this red wood; when you turn around the curve of the path, you’ll see the greater trees beyond, with delicate bridges and towers built into the graceful heights of the forest.

Or perhaps as you approach you’ll find that these are not natural trees at all. Perhaps the leaves are indeed each carved of carnelian, and make a sound like ten thousand chimes with every breeze. You won’t know until you walk beneath their shade.


I’m pretty sure this is the great lake up in the mountains of Casmantium, from the shore of which Gereint and Tehre built the Wall between the lands of men and the country of fire.

Or it could be the Lake of Dreams, with water that is not exactly water and Luth’s hall lying just out of sight.

There are so many enchanted lakes. I’m sure this is one. Aren’t you?

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  1. xtube

    Who wasn’t mesmerized by the fantasies of elves and hobbits, wizards and warlocks, vampires and werewolves, superheroes and villains, or fairies and monsters of mythical proportions? We all remember these stories from our youth because fantasy is immersive, gripping, and capable of imparting lifelong moral truths.

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