Hot Chocolate Day

So who decides if and when and whether there is a Hot Chocolate Day? I’m too lazy to even bother googling it, and anyway, I don’t really care, because who needs an excuse to make hot chocolate on October 7th anyway? It’s cloudy and cool out; that’s enough justification.

If you feel the same way, then here is Stephanie Burgess’ post about Hot Chocolate Day, with recipes. By an amazing coincidence, her favorite recipe for hot chocolate is the same as mine: that is, it’s Laura Florand’s, as described in THE CHOCOLATE KISS.

The full recipe is posted at Stephanie’s blog.

All I will tell you here is it involves 8 oz of dark chocolate and 2 C of milk. Those proportions should be enough to indicate the super-unctuous hot chocolate the is the Witch’s Chocolate.

Mmm. Hot chocolate.

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  1. Apropos of nothing, there’s an exhibit in the local library announcing that October is National Cookie Month.

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