The other Labor Day update —

Still working on the KERI revision. Another two days, I think, though past experience suggests to me that this probably means three or four. And then I ought to read through it once more from close to the front. And do a Find to take out some instances of “very” and some semicolons and whatever. Gah. That part is booooring tedious work, but I should beat the official deadline by a week or so. Then I can at last send the ms to my editor and call it done till I hear back from her, which is to say, not till next year, I expect, and that’s fine with me because I have lots of other things to work on.

Anyway, then I will switch back to the KEHERA revision, which I almost-but-not-quite got through before needing to switch to KERI because of the deadline. I would really like to get that one polished up because I have high hopes for it, plus I really love it myself.

THEN I will TAKE A BREAK for October, if at all possible. Other projects are stacked up, but I think they can all wait, or mostly wait, till November.

In the meantime, I must admit that I am working my way through Lindsay Buroker’s EMPEROR’S EDGE series. Gotta have something to read while taking dogs to the park (yes, I manage two or three dogs with one hand and my Kindle with the other), or while enjoying these wonderful sweet rolls I made with cream cheese and plums, or late at night when I’m incapable of any kind of coherent thought but not ready for bed.

I am now reading the 4th book, CONSPIRACY. These have all been great books for those pre-bedtime hours. They’re fun, they’re quick, they have snappy dialogue and the odd giant squid, and by now I am simply *dying* to see Sicarius finally meet Sespian, which may happen in this book.

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