Top 100 SFF books flowchart

Of course we could argue all day (and all year) about what REALLY belongs on a list of the Top 100 Best SFF Novels.

But no one is going to argue that this infographic flowchart isn’t the neatest thing since sliced bread.

I’m going to try to post it here and see if it works:

SciFi 100 Books excerpt

Okay, yeah, I think I got just part of it. Click through for the real thing and then click on the flowchart to blow it up. I can just about guarantee you will enjoy it.

My favorite bit so far:

SFF? –> No, I’d rather not be seen in that area of the bookstore –> Prefer a drama? –> Yes –> Romance or Overcoming the odds? –> Romance –> Like a little time travel with your love story? –> No –> Tough

And then, of course, we get two suggestions for romances with time travel. I just got a kick out of the “tough”.

There are a lot of funny bits in this flowchart — I like the flowchart itself a lot more than I like the list of “best 100 titles” included on the flowchart. Ugh, Animal Farm. But the flowchart, yeah, that’s a real work of art.

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3 thoughts on “Top 100 SFF books flowchart”

  1. I love the flowchart, but I agree that the recommendations aren’t great. I wonder if it would be possible to come up with other recommendations for those paths.

  2. Linda, I think that the recommendations for Best 100 SFF Novels look rather as though they were created by someone who does not actually read SFF and doesn’t like it and was trying to pick literary titles that have SFF trappings. I mean, Animal Farm? That’s a political allegory; the fantasy trappings are metaphorical in exactly the way that fantasy elements are NOT metaphorical in real SFF.

    It would be fun to pick our own titles to go in all the boxes.

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