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Covers for Varley’s Titan —

Okay, Robert’s comment made me go hunting around. So, these are terrible quality, but they will give you an idea:

The mostly-white cover, which is the one I have:


The interior cover art from that same edition, which is indeed very nice:


And another edition, which is also pretty good:


All of these are superior imo to the extraordinarily boring green cover:


The centaurs and blimps and things are quite accurate. The nymph-like girl, perhaps a tad less so.

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  1. Robert+Massey

    You found the interior cover art — that is so totally cool! I remember that it blew me away when I saw it so long ago. And the story proved every bit as amazing as the art.

    The green cover just evokes some sort of generic SF story; it doesn’t really mean anything. With the original artwork, you knew that wonders lay within.

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