Yet another art post — Julie Dillon

So, yeah, but there are all these art things that keep catching my eye.

First, a brief post up about Julie Dillon and her art at

Second, a kickstarter for an art book Dillon wants to self-publish. I haven’t decided whether to join in funding this kickstarter, btw, and I’m not particularly suggesting you join in, either. I just mention it for anyone interested.

Third, shoot, while we’re on the subject, here’s Dillon’s actual website.

And, to remind you all about Dillon’s style and because it’s pretty, if you don’t have time to click through, here’s a detail of one of her paintings, Taking Flight, with, yes, a dragon:

Taking flight

I think this is my favorite of the works pictured for the kickstarter project. Because, hey, dragon! Also, I like the, I don’t know, cheerful, exuberant feel of the piece.

You know, one of the things I especially enjoy at conventions is art panels. As long as they’re not too technical, I like to listen to artists talk about their methods and show early sketches and discuss color choices and everything. I’m tempted to say, “I don’t know anything about it, but I know what I like.” Ouch, cliche, I know! But after all, it *is* true.

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