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One more bit of dragon art —

Darren Turpin commented: I can’t believe they did a whole piece on dragon art and didn’t mention Les Edwards. He does fantastic dragons, quite a few of the later Anne McCaffrey ones, to boot.

So I clicked over via the link and yes, he does. Like this:

sky dragon

This is Sky Dragons, for one of the later Pern books. Nice, eh? I haven’t tried any of Todd-and-Anne Pern books, but I have to agree that any post on dragon art ought to have included the recent Pern artwork, especially imo this particular piece. I’d be happy to hang this on my wall.

Also, here’s his cover for CJ Cherryh’s Fortress of Eagles. What a beautiful cover! I adore landscape-heavy covers. I like my cover of Fortress of Eagles just fine (I believe it is the SFBC edition), but I like this much better.

Fortress of Eagles

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3 Comments One more bit of dragon art —

  1. Elaine+T

    I think I can identify the scene in Fortress of Eagles being illustrated, which makes it an extra good cover IMO.

    Showed the Les Edward dragons to the Teen who has been working out the physics of wings and how to draw them properly, and she said wtte good dragons but they can’t fly; maybe glide ‘especially the mating flight pair.
    She really enjoyed the huge gallery on Tor yesterday, too, so thanks for point it out. She went through noting where the wings were right/usable or not, as well as noting scales & things.

  2. Darren Turpin

    I remember Les saying (in a news post a while back, I think) that when he started painting the Pern dragons the fans got in touch to tell him that they were too lizard-like and needed to be more equine-looking, as per Anne McC’s descriptions, so he gradually evolved them over the next few covers. Not sure about the flight-suitability aspect though. Maybe a lack of live specimens to study may have hampered his background research efforts? :)

  3. Rachel

    Elaine, very cool your daughter is so into it. I have a dragon print at home, not sure about the artist’s name (sorry, artist!). He told me he studied crow anatomy when he designed it, and it shows — the muscles look just right.

    I have to say, something that big, sometimes you have to wave your hands and declare YES IT FLIES because that’s the only way it’s going to get off the ground. Temeraire comes to mind. Pern, too. Anything that’s explicitly magical is easier than anything that’s actually supposed to believe in physics!

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