Dragon Art —

Wow, tons of dragons over at tor.com this morning.

I scrolled rather briskly down the whole list, and I must say, either: a) lots of artists like monochrome; or b) lots of artists feel monochrome is somehow especially suitable for dragons.

Not me! I like color, movement, realism, and non-evil dragons.

It’s still hard to beat Michael Whelan’s dragons, but I do like this one by Heather Theurer a whole lot:


I clicked through to look at Theurer’s website and galleries. She does good horses and other animals, too. I particularly like her pencil drawings of the elk and moose.

Anyway, back to dragons! Marie Brennen’s Natural History of Dragons is here. So is one of Julie Dillon’s dragons. In fact, I bet you’ll recognized quite a few of the dragons in this post.

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