Something I just discovered:

Did you know there is a WikiHow page for how to write a dystopian novel? Really.

Tip number one: Think of a world-impacting topic/word/phrase that you’re passionate about. It could be pollution, politics, government control, protests, poverty or privacy – problems with the world. Any of the suggested topics could easily lead to an amazing exploration of a dystopian world within your novel.

Um, okay. I notice there is no step for “develop your skills as a writer.” Although there is one for “read extensively within the dystopian subgenre,” which does count, to some extent, I think.

There are also WikiHows for How to Write Dark Fantasy, How to Write a Credible Fantasy Story, and, I’m guessing, many other categories, but I stopped looking for them at that point.

Significantly more useful: simple but out of the ordinary tasks such as How to Remove Surgical Staples. That’s nice and clear and all I wanted to know was which which bit of the tool goes under the staple, which is plainly indicated. (This was for staples on a dog after a c-section, btw, not on myself, and no, I don’t have my own staple remover, I borrowed the vet’s spare.)

Anyway, I just got a kick out of this. I wonder who thought “writing a dystopian novel” was appropriately boiled down to seven steps on a WikiHow page?

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