Recent Listening: MORT and SOUL MUSIC

A disappointing weekend, really: Kenya got Reserve and Honey got Reserve and the professional handlers got Winners. Winners is all that matters. So, yeah, lots of driving and so on and not much to show for it. Well, some weekends are like that.

All that driving means I did finish listening to SOUL MUSIC by Terry Pratchett, the second of the Death series. I listened to MORT early this year and . . . was not all that impressed, unfortunately. It was one of the earlier Discworld books and I don’t think Pratchett had really hit his stride yet.

But . . . personally, I found SOUL MUSIC only mildly entertaining, too, which was too bad. I was expecting to like it much better because it is the 16th Discworld book. At this point, I am afraid I may just prefer the stories where Death appears as a minor character (as in the Vimes series) to the books in the actual Death series.

Although, come to think of it, I did read REAPER MAN years ago and I really enjoyed that one.

Anyway, SOUL MUSIC. For someone really into classic Rock and the history of classic Rock, this would probably be a great book. Even I caught a lot of the puns, like the deaf leopard and so forth, but I’m sure I missed a lot. Didn’t some famous rocker wear a glove on one hand? (Was that Michael Jackson?) I really have never been up on celebrity trivia, as you may gather. I think being up on classic rock celebrity trivia would definitely enhance your enjoyment of SOUL MUSIC.

I didn’t really like Susan. I wasn’t keen on Imp. I did not get why Susan should care about Imp particularly. I am out of patience with Death going off and being angsty. The forgetfulness thing with the Foreign Legion of Klatch might have been funny to read about, but I found it frustrating to listen to. The general stupidity of the senior wizards is just annoying.

I liked Cliff and Blod, though.

Fine. Adequately entertaining. I have at least one more of the Death series in Audio form already (HOGFATHER), so I sure hope it falls for me more in the REAPER MAN category rather than the MORT / SOUL MUSIC category.

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2 thoughts on “Recent Listening: MORT and SOUL MUSIC”

  1. Not liking the early work of Pratchett is fine, for me its to other way around, I prefer the work he did early on. I like the Witches better and of course the Night guard, I’m not that fond of the wizards. But I think you would like the Tiffany Aching books, the wee free men are hilarious.
    And when it comes to his books, they are better to read than to listen to, at least in my opinion.

  2. Hi, Emma — yes, I’m not too keen on the wizards. I did enjoy the Tiffany books; they were fun to listen to. I think I may get the Vimes books in paper as well as audio form eventually.

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