I trust you all had a beautiful Easter! Lovely weather here, so I planted onions and peas and beets — didn’t get to the petunias, always more to do, but no rush, the plants are still small, just like I prefer for transplanting.

Plus, I took Junior the farmer’s market and then to the vet — he was just along for the ride at the vet, but the other two dogs with me were in for vaccinations / yearly exams. I ran all six of my girls through in two days, which was a bit much, but now we are all done for the year, provided no one steps on another horrible splinter or whatever.

Junior puppy at the vet:

Naptime (Medium)

As you can see, he was tired out from the farmer’s market and not the least bit disturbed to be at the vet’s office. He hangs out with the staff behind the counter because he’s special.

Okay, update: I revised chapter 14 last night — then realized events need to happen in a different order now that the timing of certain things has been speeded up. So now that is chapter 15 and I am revising the new chapter 14, which used to be later in the book. I’m still hovering around 550 pages total, but this is an illusion: I’ve added about 40 pages in the last week, but cut about 40 pages too.

I have been dropping hints about the endgame, so if I’m wrong about how I’m going to handle that, all those hints will have to be changed, too. I hope I remember what they are if it comes to it. I am good at that, but not as good as some copy editors I have worked with.

I hope I have only about 80 pages to revise lightly, then cut a LOT, then the endgame and the finale. I’m still hoping to bring this in by the end of the month. I think it’s possible. It will help if we get a sudden burst of horrible rainy weather so that I can’t be pulled outside by Compelling Spring Gardening Chores. Alas (?), looks like beautiful weather for the next few days.

In May, I should have a lot more time for gardening and reading and yes blog posts.

In the meantime, I trust you will enjoy beautiful weather wherever you are — though I expect it’s not spring for you all.

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2 thoughts on “Update”

  1. April always brings more work at my actual Work…and so my garden is still a sad, winter-mess thing. But we have started harvesting–shitake mushrooms and green onions….

    Good luck with the writing!

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