Getting in the mood for Easter . . .

I’m sure you’ve already seen the Washington Post’s peep show, right?

If not, click through. I will say, painting peeps in shades of gray to create a black-and-white effect is a bit strange. I definitely think of peeps as brightly colored. So I like some of the semi-finalists better. There is a stupid ad before you can view the semi-finalists, I’m going to try to include a direct link that will let you skip the ad: here, but no guarantees.

I like the bobsled one, but lots of them are impressive. To me, this sort of thing seems like a much better use for peeps than eating them, but then pure sugar is not really my thing.

Writing update: in case you’re interested, I re-wrote Ch. 11 almost from scratch today. Twice. However, I think after a bit of revision to smooth out a transition, I will have a nearly straight shot for the next 100 pages. Mild cutting and revision, but basically I’m keeping a whole lot of that part. Then I think I will wind up cutting a lot of the next 100 pages after that and re-working the bits that are left. If I did chapter 11 right, I’ve set up stuff appropriately for the new endgame. There may be a volcano. Or maybe not, not sure. You must admit, a volcano will seriously cramp the style of many bad guys who think they’re tough.

Update two: Typing while wearing this new thumb brace is awkward but luckily possible. I right click on things at random moments, but it’s pretty do-able. I’m told the problem may be a mild and atypical case of De Quervain’s tendinosis. I’m also told not-typing would be better than nonstop-typing. I told my chiropractor that taking a break from typing is right out for the rest of April, so we compromised on different kinds of braces, one for daytime and typing, one for sleeping. But I’m hoping to take part of May to not-type and let this thumb issue resolve. Swooshing through the next 100 pages would be a good start on getting to the take-a-break part.

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3 thoughts on “Getting in the mood for Easter . . .”

  1. Take care of your hands. I’m still sore from overusing the mouse 3 years ago.

    Oh! on the topic of unfilled prophecy from a few posts down, Laura Resnick’s WHITE DRAGON has something like that. The destined hero flames out and ‘normal’ characters have to pick up the pieces. Unfortunately I never finished the book – I forget if there were specific problems, or the library simply wanted it back and I never got around to getting it again.

  2. I use a laptop with a touchpad, and when I’m paying attention, I can feel that the touchpad may be contributing to the problem. I’m trying to train myself to use my left hand for more of the touchpad actions, but wow, habits are hard to break. On the plus side, my chiropractor does think the problem will get better. Plus, it’ll probably help when I take a chunk of May off and type a lot less.

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