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Here’s the first review of The Islands of Chaldea that I’ve seen posted by someone I follow. And it’s positive. Good to know. It would be so disappointing if DWJ’s last unfinished book was weak.

Brandy says, “While not as wonderful as my favorite DWJ books, it is still very good. And a not as a good as the best DWJ is still far superior to almost everything else.”

As I said, whew! The book will be hitting shelves on April 22nd. I feel no special need to pick it up immediately, but I’m glad to know it’s waiting for when I have time.

On a completely different note, and more disappointingly, the performance classes at this weekend’s CKCSC show were canceled because too few people entered. That means I get to keep the trophies for another year, but I fully intended to win them back fair and square, so I’m disappointed I won’t have the chance. I wasn’t dead sure Honey could have won the High in Novice Class trophy, but unless I did something stupid like walk past a sign (not without precedent), Pippa was all but a sure thing for the High in Rally Trial trophy. Phooey.

In the breed ring, I was only going to show Pippa one day in Veterans, and it’s not worth going just for that, so I’m staying home. The weather looks like it will be nice, at least, so that’s gardening / hiking / farmer’s market / whatever.

I do expect to show Kenya and Honey in the AKC breed ring in upcoming shows, though. I’ve decided I really do want to finish championships on them both. It would be very nice to just hurry up and finish at least one of them in May. I’m entering at least seven shows (three weekends). Honey needs six singles to finish, Kenya needs five. I would prefer small entries since the girls only need singles. I’m having to remind myself that even if the entry is small, it doesn’t NECESSARILY mean one of my girls will win. Even so, after Honey’s picking up three majors from the puppy classes last year, it’s hard to believe she won’t be able to pick up some points at these shows, too.

It’s pretty traditional to have to really work to get that one last point, though.

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