Things that make me happy

Several things recently that make me happy.

First: A great review by an author I respect, focusing on another author I love. For example, this review by Kate Elliot of Martha Wells’ Ile-Rien trilogy, here. Don’t tell me Kate posted this in February. I know. I only just happened across it today.

“Oh, yes, you may think you are reading a story set in a fantasy version of late 19th century/early 20th century Paris with different names but it is never that simplistic. The setting is shot through with alterations that fit perfectly and then meanwhile so many new vistas are about to open that I can’t even begin to tell you about them for fear of babbling incoherently about the world building things I love and adore in this series.”

Yes, this is *Kate Elliot* impressed by someone else’s worldbuilding. As anyone would be, with Martha Wells. Gosh, now I really want to re-read the Ile-Rien trilogy. Yeah, no, still don’t have time for reading fiction. I mean, re-reading a book I didn’t much like, yes, but not this.

Anyway, I always enjoy very much seeing someone wax enthusiastic about a book I also love.

Second! Even better than that! This. I get to be a Favorite Author. Go, me! I don’t mind sharing with Caroline Stevermer, whose books I like a lot. Now I’m waiting to see who else gets to appear on this list.

Third! I didn’t mention this at the time because it was in the middle of AKH Week, but in case any of you missed it, this review of BLACK DOG at (yes!!) made me very happy at the time. In fact, it still makes me happy now. How to make dead sure you are offered an early review copy of the sequel: write this review.

Oh, btw, my Strange Chem editor is just about to get to the sequel, so that’s exciting! And makes me just a bit nervous, but I think she will love it. That would make me happy, too.

I ought to post a short excerpt here at that point, don’t you think? Actually, I guess at some point I ought to post short excerpts of everything I’m working on and you can all see which one(s) you find particularly catchy.

Anyway, have a happy Monday! But next time I say I am about 90% done with a huge revision, just go on and deduct 10 percentage points for over-enthusiasm. Not that I am unhappy with how this revision is going, but that was a bit optimistic. Wow, lots of taking things apart and stitching them back together as I make changes to the middle.

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  1. That review at was very good! Not just enthusiastic, but thoughtful and well-written.

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