The March Madness Continues

I don’t know, is it the time of year? Crocuses bloom, sap rises, and you feel you must buy a lot of books?

Three more on the TBR pile for me:


Actually, I didn’t buy KATYA’S WORLD. I have had that for a while. I bought the sequel, KATYA’S WAR. But I thought I would show the cover of the first one. I’m hearing pretty good things about this series, plus I kind of like to support other Strange Chem authors, especially new authors, so, yeah, just broke a pretty firm and sensible rule and bought the second book without even reading the first. This review at Books Without Any Pictures, was the one that made me willing to take a risk, because no love triangle? No romance? Makes a nice change. Grace has the good taste to like my books, judging from her other reviews we are more or less on the same page with our reading tastes, so why not. Given my book acquisition / book reading ratio, it’s not impossible I’ll be buying the third book without reading the first, too. But I would like to get to this series this year if I can.

I almost wish I had bought the first book in paper, because I do like the covers. Both for this one and for the second book.

Anyway, moving on: Patricia Briggs’ newest Mercy Thompson story.

night broken_front mech.indd

Obviously a must have! I will probably read this one the minute it arrives. Familiar world, familiar characters, it will be easy to slip into and out of. Sometimes that makes all the difference when deciding what to read. Plus I know it will be a quick read.

Okay, and also, I had forgotten about this, but you may remember that Barbara Hambly’s latest Ysidro novel is out, right?


This series is a auto-buy for me. I could describe it, but why, when Liz Bourke took care of that here.

I never set an actual book budget per month because keeping to it would be hopeless. But I kind of hope I don’t think of any other books that I must buy this month, because honestly, this is plenty.

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4 thoughts on “The March Madness Continues”

  1. Reading the Hambly now. Lots of Lydia and so far a fair amount of Simon and Lydia.
    Favorite bits so far are the ones where Simon discusses how things used to be and aren’t, now.

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