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Okay, a slight pause today, because

a) it is Sunday, and more importantly

b) I got really involved in finishing a short story featuring Thaddeus this morning and forgot about everything else, which was nice as a writer but bad as far as remembering to post, and besides

c) as you may recall, Sherwood Smith requested that her guest post go up on the 24th, which is tomorrow, which is fine, but

d) I really want to put Andrea’s own post up dead last, which means after Sherwood Smith’s, which means not today.

So a little tour rather than an actual post, and check back in tomorrow! For Sherwood Smith’s post! And the Tuesday will wind up our AKH Week Extended Edition, but what’s an extra couple of days among friends, right?

So, check these out:

AKH’s own website, where she has a new post up about hyperaggressive characters, btw.

AKH’s complete bibliography — now’s the time to decide which of these you would like if you win the giveaway!

AKH’s explanation for why she started self-publishing. I have a pretty good guess about the real name of the culprit, because a certain publisher does have this reputation, but even for them — actually, for ANYONE — this is unbelievable. Let’s all raise a toast to the improved viability of self-publishing, shall we, since it would sure have been a shame to lose AKH’s stories to the kind of ridiculous foot-dragging Andrea describes in the link.

Andrea’s long list of (female) authors-she’s-kept-on-her-shelves. I warn you, it’s long and may contribute to TBR pile overload. It’d be interesting sometime to see a similar list of the male authors on AKH’s shelves, but it’s a lot of trouble to create a real list with all the covers and everything, I know. I mean, you don’t see me doing it.

AKH on DWJ You know you’ve arrived when your fans start referring to you by three initials because everyone knows who they mean, right?

Andrea on Agatha Christie Which I know Flannery linked to in her post, but in case you missed it. I am not a huge Christie fan, but I added a couple of titles to my wishlist after reading through this post.

There! I hope that will hold you all till tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “AKH around the Internets”

  1. That’s a horrible story, and I don’t understand why you would want to keep the publisher’s name a secret. It’s the kind of thing that belongs on Author Beware. The whole “next week” thing, for 10 whole years–is utter chickenshit. And then osing the manuscript, while it’s on the TBR list? I’d like to know the publisher so I can avoid buying their hardcovers.

  2. Pete, the whole thing was completely inexcusable, and the reason you don’t shout the name to the skies when something like this happens (I’m pretty sure) is because you don’t want to burn too many bridges. Eventually you may want to work with an editor at that publisher, or an editor who used to be at that publisher, or an agent who used to be an editor at that publisher, or some industry pro who is friends with someone involved, and so it’s better tactically to throw few stones at an explicit target, at least in public. I haven’t actually discussed this with Andrea, mind you, but that’s what would have kept me from public ranting if I’d been her.

    I know personally of two other cases sort of like this, but less extreme. I believe both of those people eventually did get picked up by the original publisher. I don’t think either have as many books out as AKH, though.

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