The New Improved Periodic Table of Awesomeness

Probably everybody but me has already seen the Periodic Table of Awesoments, which is pretty neat. But, to me, this effort, what snazzy, has too many Doritos (for example) and not enough pure awesomeness. Plus, its author did not use the “family” concept enough to satisfy me, because we all know all the elements in a family ought to have important properties in common, right?

So, hereweith, my own personal New Improved Periodic Table of Pure Awesomeness.

I don’t know that it’s terribly, uh, periodic. And my families of elements are still a little odd from time to time, I guess. But it suits my personal taste to lose the Doritos and add Griffins. I kept Batman, though, because, as I am sure you will agree, Batman is indeed Awesome.

Those of you who are following along this week may realize that this particular table is slanted a bit not just toward my personal taste but, in keeping with the week’s theme, toward Touchstone Awesomeness. By my count, the Touchstone Trilogy includes an even 50 of these Awesomeness Elements, which is probably a higher score any other work of fiction EVER.

Anyway, here you go, see what you think. I will say, “new and improved” does not refer to the formatting, which required WordPress-fu that turned out to be beyond my severely limited powers. Anybody know of a fillable Periodic Table that would be fillable and then pasteable and prettier? I could tell you how I got this to turn into a postable picture, but it was such a kludged process, you probably wouldn’t believe me.

But! I believe if you click on it, you should get a blown-up copy you can actually read.

Anyway, enjoy! And thanks to Flannery, who gave me the idea for Touchstone Awesomeness graphs, and to Craig, who pointed me to the Periodic Table of Awesoments. The two of you made me waste a WHOLE EVENING on this, when I ought to have been finishing a short story featuring Thaddeus as the pov character. I’m off to see about that now!

Periodic Table of Awesomeness

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3 thoughts on “The New Improved Periodic Table of Awesomeness”

  1. Oh man, convincing people to waste time on things like this would be on MY table of awesomeness. And I love some of the things you’ve chosen. An alley you’ve never seen before! Portals into other worlds! I chuckled at one of them, though. Giant eagles. I grew up in Pittsburgh and Giant Eagle is the name of our biggest grocery store chain:)

  2. Flannery, really? Giant eagles is a grocery store? Hah hah hah! I guess Pittsburg gets points for Awesomeness!

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