A super-cool extra!

Thanks to Estara, we have a pointer to the gif version of STRAY!

Here it is.

You will need to scroll waaaay down to get to the beginning if you want to start at the beginning and work your way up. The last journal entries are from Feb 6 (Cassandra’s time), whereas you recall (no doubt) that she walked through the portal on November 16th.

I am not real familiar with Tumblr because I have enough hobbies thankyouverymuch, plus multiple jobs if you include the book I am supposed to be working on right now. No doubt lots of you will have less trouble getting back to the very beginning of survivorcass.tumblr.com, but it’s well worth the trouble either way. All the quotes are from the book and all the visuals are SO MUCH FUN. This is a real labor of love. Check it out.

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4 thoughts on “A super-cool extra!”

  1. I just spent half an hour over there, what an awesome site! thanks for pointing me there.

  2. Hi. What a great idea: an Andrea K Höst week!

    I can confirm that the SurvivorCass blog is a labour of love.

    Or therapy. The book was sticking with me and it was getting distracting. I couldn’t seem to settle down and enjoy any other books. I’m a life long bookaholic who doesn’t own a TV, so it was a serious affliction. The blog was my strategy for living with the ‘problem’. I’m not sure if that’s a recommendation or a warning for the book. I’m doing the blog for me, just for me, but I’m really chuffed to find that others are enjoying Cassandra’s new life (Ms Höst’s work) in that format.

  3. SurvivorCass, it’s wonderful! But I’m glad the story didn’t invade my free time quite so completely.

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