Oh, the excitement: Andrea K Höst Week

Okay! As you know, people, Andrea K Höst Week is starting tomorrow, right here, so you will want to remember to check back in!

At this very moment I have all the guest posts in my hands, well, all but one, and I am PROMISED that one is ON ITS WAY. We will have a wide variety of guests making an appearance: fans, bloggers, and authors, a nice eclectic mix. I am not going to give you a schedule of guest appearances, though, because a) it turns out I am not that organized and have not worked out an order yet; and b) I do not want all the Touchstone Awesomeness posts to appear one after the next, so I may need to shuffle the order around a bit at the last minute anyway.

I can certainly tell you, though, that I will be posting myself once or twice on this and that, and that Sherwood Smith’s post will go up at the end, on the 24th, a date she requested for good and sufficient reason, so you can look forward to that to wind up the week.

Also! You will certainly recall that at the end of the week — meaning on the 24th or very soon after that — I will be picking the name of one commenter from the week out of a metaphorical hat. That lucky person will receive the Andrea K Höst title of their choice, either physical or e-copy, whichever they prefer. If your memory is good, you may remember that I said earlier that if you already had all of Höst’s titles, you could request something by a different author; but to simplify my life I have unilaterally changed my mind about that. Instead, if you already have all of Höst’s currently available titles, you can either request another (to give away), or request one of her forthcoming titles, which I will send you when it becomes available. This promise is now set in stone and I won’t change my mind again, really.

Okay, onward! Time to go decide for sure what I should post tomorrow!

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