Coolest art project ever

So, yesterday, I visited Troy Buchanan High School, which is in Troy, MO, which in case you are curious is a bit north and west of St. Louis. This was part of a Writer’s Week, where they invite local authors to come speak to their students and also allow student and faculty to showcase their writing — it’s a pretty big deal, very well organized, and I really enjoyed it.

Plus! The art students get involved.

This is a ceiling tile — ceiling panel? — whatever they are called. The picture was painted by a senior high school student and it is FABULOUS.

Ceiling tile

Every author who visits gets a ceiling tile, and then after the Writer’s Week events are over, the ceiling tiles are set into place in the library ceiling.

I noticed both Antony John and Brian Katcher had ceiling tiles from previous years — this year, Antony John was there the same day I was, but unfortunately I couldn’t stay all day, because I would have liked to meet him. I really liked his contemporary YA FIVE FLAVORS OF DUMB, but didn’t know till I saw his waiting ceiling tile that he also has a dystopian series in progress. I’ll have to check that out. You trip over YA dystopias everywhere you turn these days, I know, but in fact I haven’t read a huge number of them, so I’m not burned out.

Brian Katcher wasn’t there this time, but was in a previous year — probably he will be next year, since his new book will be out. You may recall that I really admired his book ALMOST PEFECT, and I do have his earlier title downstairs on my TBR pile, but I haven’t read it yet. I will probably wind up getting his newest book when it comes out, reading that one, and then finally going back and reading the first (PLAYING WITH MATCHES).

I think it would be fun to make sure we are all there next year and then get together for dinner or something. And I should really look up the other authors who were there, because who knows, maybe I would like their work, too.

Anyway, the kids were great, the involvement of the art department is so cool, and I am still floored by that fabulous ceiling tile, and the entire ceiling.


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3 thoughts on “Coolest art project ever”

  1. Isn’t that awesome? Too bad you didn’t get to meet Antony, he’s a great guy. And his ‘Elemental’ series is great. Glad to see your book is up there, it’s quite an honor, isn’t it.

  2. Hi, Brian, yes, it is SO awesome. Those students do an amazing job. Just amazing. Hopefully we can all be there at about the same time next year. And yeah, while I think of it, I do need to go add the first Elementals book to my wishlist so I don’t lose track of it.

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