Space is big. Even just the solar system is big.

A fun graphic here, “If the Moon were only one pixel.” Click through and start scrolling over to the right. Odd how entertaining empty space can be.

Loosely related: lots more Earthlike planets being discovered, apparently. On the other hand, I’m not 100% sure that this article is defining “verified” as strictly as, say, I might. Maybe I just read it too quickly, but it looks to me like “verified” might be “statistically likely to be there,” which to me is a rather different thing.

I feel like I should go find something else related to planets or space now, so here: Best Space Photos of 2013. I don’t guarantee they’re the “best”, but they’re pretty cool. It’s actually kind of hard to beat the one of Vesuvius. Wow, that is quite a volcano, even if it is not so much a space photo, just a photo taken from space.

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