Welcome to March! We have an exciting month ahead —

Mark your calendars, people, because right here on this blog, starting on March 17th, we will have a special event: Andrea K Höst Week!

It was just about exactly a year ago that I read AND ALL THE STARS and then THE TOUCHSTONE TRILOGY and fell completely in love with Andrea Höst’s writing. This year, I’m marking the occasion by inviting various Höst fans to join me here with guest posts. I’m very pleased that a wide selection of bloggers proved enthusiastic about the idea, not to mention … drumroll please … Sherwood Smith!

I hope you all are as excited about this as I am!


Plus, almost forgot, I will be giving away a copy of any one Andrea K Höst book to one commenter chosen at random. I’ll pool all commenters for the week, one entry per comment. The winner gets to choose which book and either physical or ebook format. Plus! If you, like me, already HAVE all of Andrea Höst’s titles, then hey! I will switch the giveaway to any other author you choose. How’s that for a deal, right?

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9 thoughts on “Welcome to March! We have an exciting month ahead —”

  1. I read AND ALL THE STARS earlier this year, and I just finished THE TOUCHSTONE TRILOGY (and its Gratuitous Epilogue) last night, after two days during which I could think of nothing else. (My work productivity went down the tubes.) I am EXCITED.

    Also, which of her books should I pick up next? Eventually it will be all of them, but I’m trying to ration myself here…

  2. Hi, Mary Beth! My vote is for the Medair duology. Major plot twist in that one halfway through — plus a twist to the romance at the end that I wonder if you’ll see coming.

  3. I just finished TOUCHSTONE, which was very enjoyable. Mary-Beth, I recommend also MEDAIR next. Or HUNTING, which is a one-off.

  4. Aurora, I sure hope you love the Jade Sea series as much as I did! Have you read the 2nd Darest book, BONES OF THE FAIR? I liked the first one, but loved the second.

  5. I got detoured by the JADE SEA series — so much fun! And yes, I’m dying for a sequel involving Batiya’s brothers — but MEDAIR is next on my Kindle to-buy list.

    (I’m also reading Kate Elliott’s CROSSROAD trilogy and C.J. Cherryh’s PALADIN and Rosamunde Pilcher’s COMING HOME — rather spoiled for choice this week for good books. It’s a great place to be.)

  6. Wow, you are in a good place reading-wise, Mary Beth. I have four of Kate Elliott’s books on my Kindle, just don’t know when I’ll get to them.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the Jade Sea series!

  7. I have the second Darest book in my To Read pile, but I have a lot of lovely things in my To Read pile, so I haven’t gotten around to it, yet. One of the downsides of having all these wonderful things out there that I need to read is that there are just more things than I have time in the day. (Oh, the regret that I cannot read faster!)

    I am loving the Jade Sea series and am halfway through the third book already!

  8. Aurora, glad you’re enjoying the Jade Sea trilogy! And I’m SURE you’ll love BONES OF THE FAIR, but I KNOW, the endless toppling TBR pile.

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