So many books, so little time

You know what just came out? And by “just came out,” I mean a few weeks ago to a few weeks from now, so some are more accurately just about to come out. But whatever. Close enough to be within the meaning of the act.

LOST LAKE by Sarah Addison Allen, out right this minute.

Also, TROPIC OF SERPENTS by Marie Brennen, very nearly out.

Also, THE KINDRED OF DARKNESS by Barbara Hambly — it’s the latest in the James Asher series. It’s hitting the shelves tomorrow, which counts as out as far as I’m concerned.

On March 11th, the latest Mercy Thompson novel will be out — NIGHT BROKEN.

Also, EVERYONE DIES IN THE END by Brian Katcher. Fine, fine, it’s not out for a full two weeks, but whatever. Goodreads says, “Everyone Dies is a light-hearted coming of age story about love, growing up, and what it’s like to be buried alive.”

A bit further away — fine, I admit it, not till April, which is perhaps a bit far to count as “out” just yet — CJ Cherryh’s fifteenth FOREIGNER novel will hit the shelves. The fifteenth! Truly amazing.

One problem with this list: Except for the one by Katcher, I really want every single book on this list in physical form. I have all the others by each author in real-book form, and I don’t want to switch format in the middle of a series because I just don’t. But I don’t know that I can stand to pay that much more for a physical copy for all these. Look at those price differences! No wonder everyone expects ebooks to crush physical books. Except I must have the Cherryh in physical form. And the Marie Brennen. I MUST have that in hardcover because I so admired the sheer physical beauty of the first book.

This is going to kill even my generous book budget. Not that I have time to read all these right now anyway. So no rush to pick every single one of them up, I guess. Mood: happy because look at this list! / grumpy because no way I can read all these as they come out.

And the TBR pile reaches for the stratosphere.

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5 thoughts on “So many books, so little time”

  1. And next month, _Steles of the Sky_ by Elizabeth bear comes out. It already has smashing reviews! Lucky you, you can read book two in preparation. (Although I’m getting ready to start over at book one!)

    Also, in my opinion, 15 books in any series is about 9-10 too many :/

  2. Right! I am definitely going to pick up Steles of the Sky, too.

    Ah, no, that depends. The rule is: If *I* am still interested, there are not yet too many books in the series.

  3. It has become easy for me – my eyesight had major upheavals in 2009 but is much better now, however the tiny print of truly epic hardcovers (MSW and CJCHERRYH, I’m looking at your DAW books here) is unreadable. I will buy the Essalieyan books because they have Jody Lee covers, but I don’t have that problem with Bren since Whelan stopped illustrating anything but TOR books (or so it seems to me).

    Ebook it will be.

  4. I know! I can definitely see that being a important consideration for the print vs e-book dilemma.

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