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It turns out Andrea Höst’s Touchstone Trilogy has become a comfort read for me. I’m reading it backwards. The Gratuitous Epilogue is perfect for unstressful reading. All that about architecture and wedding dresses and birthday presents and everyone living happily ever after.

Now I’ve gone back and started about halfway through the second book. I can’t tell yet if I’ll go all the way back to the beginning later.

I’m also writing a short story from Miguel’s pov. Don’t ask me how it’s going. I’m not used to writing short stories, so it’s hard to tell if it’s going to have the right kind of structure for a short story. If I finish it today, I guess it was going well.

I really need to write this boring report for work today since I took off an unexpectedly huge number of hours recently. Plus, I just need to write it. THis presents me with the choice of a) write boring and rather depressing statistical report about tutoring outcomes last semester. b) work on Miguel’s short story and maybe try to go on with the one where Natividad and Keziah go Christmas shopping together. c) read the rest of Caszandra.

It’s tough. The day already looks too short and it’s only 6:30 AM.

Brief puppy update: he’s still okay as of this morning. Gaining 3 ounces a day, the greedy little hippo. Eyes are almost all the way open.

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4 thoughts on “Comfort reads”

  1. This! Reliable stress release for me, too – although I still read it from the front to the back. I have however started to pace my rereads (although I realise that I sort of gulp books anyway, to immerse myself in them like water – so when I do multiple rereads I usually still find nuances new to me which just weren’t visible to me the first few times around) – I read it three times the first year I discovered it.

    Twice a year might be a good time frame, I hope…. fortunately I have other comfort rereads when the need is there for a longer period of time.

  2. I just reread Host’s CHAMPION OF THE ROSE. Haven’t gotten to Touchstone trilogy yet. (moves it up the virtual TBR pile.) I hope she does more in that setting, as I did a quick search of Book 2 to see if something I wanted followed up on turned up, and it didn’t – not by the way I was looking for it, anyway. Still I think I’ll make that my next new read.

    Glad the Boy is still well. We left one of our pets (guinea pigs, for us) at the vet yesterday for intensive care for probable pneumonia, and another gets surgery tomorrow for a tumor. Sigh. the last year was hard on our pets and this one isn’t starting much better. I do hope your Boy continues to thrive.

    I really hope to read that second short story. My mind boggles at the pairing and the activity. I’d like a look inside Miguel, too. Will you self-publish them, do you think?

  3. I just read Champion of the Rose for the first time — and you should definitely move on and read Bones of the Fair, which is, I think, better. I thought the former had some really interesting echoes of the Medair duology, whereas the latter was more of it’s own thing — and Gentian was a great protagonist. I absolutely love The Diamond in both books.

    Yes, I love the idea, and after all BLACK DOG takes place shortly before Christmas. I still have to work part of it out, though. Which I may try to do by writing the rest of it, since it doesn’t appear to be planning to unfold effortlessly in my head.

  4. Well, I wasn’t *planning* to read the whole thing. This is my Kindle version of taking a book off the shelf and flipping it open in the middle. That usually leads to my reading the back half, then going to the front and reading the beginning. Don’t ask me. It’s just a thing.

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