Reading one book from every country

Here’s an interesting project that I would never have thought of. And will undoubtedly never try to duplicate myself, because I have a huge enough TBR pile already, filled with books I’m pretty sure I will love, so this idea of reading books from tons of other countries, that’s probably going to remain just someone else’s interesting idea.

But it *is* quite an idea.

The article describes how a woman from the UK, Ann Morgan, decided to expand her reading horizons. I don’t know about “all countries in the world,” but she did read almost 200 books from different countries, in one year. Wow.

Also, I actually have read this one: An African in Greenland, by Tete-Michel Kpomassie from Togo. That really is something, a kid from Togo deciding to work his way to Greenland.

And here’s a link to Ann Morgan’s blog, if you’re interested.

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