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Charlotte’s review is here. Yay!

Charlotte says: “Natividad really truly step up to the plate with her magic; she is one of the bravest heroines in YA I can think of, not because she is “kick-ass” but because she sees what she alone can do, and does it regardless of how scary it is because she is a good person.”

I’m happy to see this. Natividad and Alejandro are both getting picked as the favorite protagonist by various reviewers, which makes me happy. And I got a suggestion for a short story from Miguel’s pov, which is cool — I like Miguel a lot. I’ll write that, if I can.

And here’s another review from In Bed With Books, and thanks to Charlotte for the tip, ’cause I missed that one.

Liviania says, “BLACK DOG is super cool. I don’t even know where to start. It’s such a rich world with such intriguing characters and I just want to read it again or have a sequel or something so I can roll around in it some more. It struck me as something like a Maggie Stiefvater novel. I want to talk to people about what they think certain scenes meant, or how they interpret certain actions, or what they think will happen next. (I mean, I adore stand-alones and want more, but at the same time, I wouldn’t kick Rachel Neumeier out of publishing for writing a sequel.)”

Which is funny and flattering, what could be better? I love it when readers compare my books to those of an author I really admire.

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