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Okay, today there’s a guest post over at Spec-Fic Romantic.

This one isn’t about BLACK DOG per se, because I think I’ve written enough of those guest posts to last me for awhile. No, this one is about ten great books that have fallen under the modern radar, so to speak. Some are old (not Tale of Genji old, but old). Some are not quite that long in the tooth, but nevertheless old enough to have become invisible to most readers today. A few are current works that came out in the last few years, but haven’t necessarily gotten the widespread attention they deserve. Plus, I was sort of trying to include several titles that are perhaps outside the reading range of many SF readers, because it’s a shame to miss out on truly great books because you “don’t read contemporary”, or whatever. Click through and let me know what you think about my perhaps rather eclectic selection.

Let’s see, what else? Okay, I don’t think I’ve posted this interview from My Bookish Ways here yet? I particularly like this one because Kristin was good enough to take time to add some of my book covers to the post. I have to admit, picture do dress up a post. Also, she asked, “If you could experience one book again for the very first time, which one would it be?”

Isn’t that a great question? I actually did answer it, but I’m amazed I could think of any one title when faced with a question like that!

And over at My Shelf Confessions, there’s a guest post on designing the black dogs and their world. Plus, another giveaway!

Puppy update: Same old holding pattern with Boy 2. If I don’t mention puppies for a day or two at this point, you can assume nothing much is going on. They will be two weeks old this coming Tuesday. Their eyes should open right around there! Then it will take about another week for them to suddenly develop actual behavior and start to be cute. My real hope is that Boy 2 will be the first one up on his feet and teasing his fatter siblings. I’m betting Boy 1 will be sloooow to get up on his legs, because he honestly is a little hippo of a puppy. Well, we’ll see!

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