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Here: a new interview, over at The Speculative Post.

Day 9 Boy 2

Boy 2. I hope it’s not too blurry. I thought it was cute how Giedre is hovering over him.

He is still hanging in there, as you can see. I will be aiming for weight gain today, I think, and just encourage nursing this afternoon so Boy 2 doesn’t forget how. I found yesterday that if I fed 7 cc of formula, then three hours later 4 cc, then one or two hours after that, Boy 2 is hungry enough to nurse several hours in a row with just a little more tube-feeding to keep him going. That worked twice. I think he may be showing more vigor in nursing, but my scale shows he is not taking in anything like enough milk when left to his own devices. When he’s a little bigger, I hope that will change. Hence, I would like to see him go up a full ounce today.

Yesterday Girl modeled the perfect puppy crisis: a sudden lack of vigor in nursing and failure to gain, followed by me supplementing her with 5 cc of formula (she is 14 ounces) at 10:00 PM and 1:00 AM. I was tube feeding Boy 2 anyway, so it was no extra trouble. This morning Girl is back to normal. I hope Boy 2 was watching.

It’s not clear to me what produces this brief crisis. I’ve seen it in one puppy in almost every litter, any time before three weeks of age. Something prevents a puppy from nursing for a few hours, or maybe it gets just a tiny bit chilled, and you get this little pause. IT took me four days to get a puppy going again the first time I saw this. Now I know to weigh a puppy before and after nursing the very hour I suspect a problem, so I can supplement right away and lift them back up to proper vigor.

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