Puppies: some are cooperative little pigs

Day 7 Girl

Girl, on her back. Isn’t she just beyond irresistible? Boy 1 is even fatter and just as cute, but he wasn’t on his back, so I didn’t take his picture.

REALLY fat puppies can have trouble getting on their feet. But that is an easy problem to solve! You make them crawl to mom, you make them crawl over stuff like rolled up washcloths, etc. I had to do that with a single puppy once … gosh, that was Giedre herself, amazing, she started as a four-ounce preemie and was too fat to stand by the time she was three weeks old. Seems like a long time ago now.

Anyway, these puppies are climbing over each other nonstop, so I expect they’ll have better muscle tone than their mom did at their age.

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