BLACK DOG is on the shelves!

So, happy birthday to BLACK DOG.


Here’s an interview and giveaway at Regina’s Badass Book Blog

Regina made me very happy by asking this question:

Regina: Do you speak Spanish? The Spanish phrases you wrote into the novel were so well done. Often when Spanish-speaking characters are used in novels and say something in Spanish, the phrases are English translated into Spanish – rather than being something a Spanish speaker would actually say is done in a culturally correct way. How did you accomplish this?

I expect you can see why I loved this question so much, right?

And a completely different interview with Tammy at Books, Bones, and Buffy — I will say, Tammy had the excellent taste to ask me about my dogs, so the hard part was cutting this interview short!

She also asked for three things about myself that you couldn’t guess from my website. I will say, I chose writerly kinds of things that I might have mentioned in a blog post some time, but I’m pretty sure you couldn’t tell any of them without going through all the old posts.

Anyway — happy book birthday to BLACK DOG!

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