I really don’t watch many movies —

I’d really rather read a book than watch a movie, most of the time.

But one movie I really like is Groundhog Day. Everybody’s seen it, right? You all really enjoyed it, too, right?

So this review over at tor.com caught my eye. I guess that must mean . . . yep, it was Groundhog Day yesterday, wasn’t it? Well, my easy guess is that we totally get six more weeks of winter. At least. It’s ten degrees out there, people! And treacherously icy, again.

Leah says, “Groundhog Day succeeds as a film because of the way it plays with, subverts, and outright mocks the tropes of each of the genres it flirts with. While some people would call it a time travel movie, or a movie about small town America, or the most spiritual film of all time, or a rom-com, it is by breaking the rules of each of those types of films that it ultimately transcends genre entirely.”

What do you all think?

“The most spiritual film of all time” seems a bit of an overstatement to me. Though if you click through, you’ll see a lot of people have taken it that way.

I sure was not this analytical when I watched this film. Not even the second or third time. But . . . I must say, this is an excellent review, not least because reading it makes me want to go re-watch it so I can appreciate some of the details I previously just accepted.

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