BLACK DOG reviews . . . here they come!

My favorite review so far, at least of the ones I’ve seen, by Sarah Higbee over at Brain Fluff.

“I’m conscious that this review gives the impression that this is some worthy read full of interesting world-building and complex characters – and not much else… What I haven’t mentioned is that from the moment I picked up this book, it hauled me into the world and I read faaar into the early morning to discover what happened – while Himself, who has started five books this week and wandered off, muttering into his beard that they’re all a bit boring, devoured this offering in a single greedy gulp.”

That’s what I like to hear!

Also, I have a guest post up today at The Bookish Outsider, on “feeding the muse,” if you would care to click through and read that.

ALSO, I have a completely different guest post up now at Books Without Any Pictures, on designing the black dogs and their world.

AND, remember there is still the giveaway for a copy of BLACK DOG at The Bibliophibian.

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