Worst title ever?



I have an instant, visceral repulsion against this book. Who could possibly find this title a draw? That cover does nothing to counter the effect. Have I read the back cover copy? No. Nothing the back cover copy could say can make up for that title.

This particularly struck me because the Strange Chem team is not super-keen on the title PURE MAGIC for the second BLACK DOG book. Which is fine! But titles are hard, coming up with new titles is hard, developing a catchy title that will appeal to readers in the first instant they look at the cover is hard, and WHERE is the service that will come up with great titles for you? There is a definite marketing niche there, people. If someone established a sideline where they would come up with a great title and also write great back cover copy for you, I think they could do well. I’m serious.

But if they tried to sell you on WITH SILENT SCREAMS, you should demand your money back.

What do you all think? Thumbs up, thumbs down, or thumbs at half-mast for that title?

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