It’s hard to think about anything but puppies —

Giedre’s litter has taken over my brain. Sorry, if you’re not interested. The heartbeats are slooooowing down, but they are supposed to at this point. None of the heartbeats are dangerously low.

I REALLY can’t tell how many puppies I am hearing in there. Giedre is so small that I could very easily be listening to the same puppy from both sides. I’m trying not to depend on four. I know there are at least two. There’s no reason for one of the three confirmed two weeks ago to have died, but who knows? Sometimes that happens. I’m trying to visualize a litter of two, just to get used to the idea. Both girls. Both badly marked.

You know those uterine replicators of Bujold’s? I want one so, so badly. If anyone invents that and wants to try it on live organisms, I bet dog breeders would eagerly volunteer to be the animal trials. I want that even more than a self-driving car, and believe me I would be right there for a self-driving car. Can we move ahead with the future, already? I want cool technological stuff that dovetails with my personal needs.

I do love my smartphone, though. That’s one place the future has come through for us.

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