Famous Book Covers with Corrected Titles

Also, the posts Jo Walton links to from her tor.com post are really funny!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

My favorite cover in Part 1 is the David Eddings cover, with the new title: Remember The First Five Books? Like That.

Or maybe the Robert Jordan cover, which is down farther.

My favorite in Part 2 is once again the one at the top, Mercedes Lackey’s cover with the title: My Little Pony Goes To War.

Hah hah hah! Sorry. That really *is* just what the cover looks like. I also really love the Turtledove cover’s new title.

Not sure which one I’d pick from Part 3.

Anyway, these are well worth clicking through and admiring.

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3 thoughts on “Famous Book Covers with Corrected Titles”

  1. Oh, man Weis and Hackman, “A Tale of 5 Million Experience Points.” So true. The thing is, I knew it was bad even as an adolescent. (Same with Eddings, who really did write the same thing over and over.)

  2. I admit I never read Weis. (And don’t plan to.) I thought Eddings did a good job with dialogue, but his books did tend to be a bit repetitive, didn’t they?

  3. Yes, Weis-Hickman are useful only as a cautionary tale. My favorite technique for a (negative) review of an excessively plot driven book: well, it’s better than Weis and Hickman…

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