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Have you watched the second Hobbit movie?

Because whether you have or not, you will probably enjoy this parody by Sarah Rees Brennen.

BILBO: Hey the Ring makes me able to understand the giant spiders who have kidnapped us! Invisibility cloak & evil language translator, is there anything the ring can’t do? It’s like a naughty pocket knife.

SPIDERS: Dwarf for breakfast, hobbit for second breakfast!

BILBO: Why won’t this magic translator ring turn off!

Many really funny bits, especially if (like me) you can’t take these movies very seriously.

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4 Comments Have you watched the second Hobbit movie?

  1. Rachel

    Hi, Maureen — actually, I liked the second movie quite a bit. My expectations were exactly in line with what the movie actually delivered. An over-the-top evil elf king? No problem! Ridiculously uber-dangerous elves who could clearly just take out every orc in the world in about a week? Fine!

    I really enjoyed the running battle with the (mostly) unarmed dwarfs in barrels and orcs being slaughtered left and right by two elves — but I didn’t believe in it for a second.

  2. Maureen E

    I really should have said ‘mostly likes the movies’, because that’s closer to my real feelings. LotR was pretty stupendous, in my opinion, and I wasn’t expecting these to be as good. They’re not, but at least the second one has a lot less exposition and also battle scenes that are less painful to watch. Plus, I liked Tauriel and thought they did a relatively good job of making her more than just a token character. (Although some of the romance with Kili was hilariously bad–“I could have loved her!” Cue Maureen laughing wildly.)

  3. Rachel

    >Cue Maureen laughing wildly.

    Yes! But I liked Tauriel, too, no matter how silly the romance is.

    I thought the LotR movies were basically fabulous, which is one reason I was pretty disappointed with the first Hobbit movie. Once that adjusted my expectations, though, it was easy to enjoy the 2nd Hobbit movie.

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