Just ate way too many cheesecake buns, and updates

I made buns based on these, from Willow Bird Baking.

Naturally I did not follow the recipe, though it looks luscious. I wanted to use some plum . . . um, thick syrup? Thin jelly? That I made last year when the plums were coming in. Plucots, actually, but plums for all reasonable measures of “plums”. Anyway, I wanted to get the plucot syrup out of the freezer, so I made these buns. Or buns much like these.

I only spread half the cheesecake filling on the dough before rolling it up. Now, having just eaten way more than my share of these buns, I think I could have used the full amount, though it would have seemed like a lot. But I was spreading plucot syrup over the cheesecake layer, so the buns seemed full enough when I rolled up the dough.

I baked these for about 35 minutes. I don’t know why it seemed to take longer for me than for Julie, but so it was.

Anyway, plucot cheesecake morning buns: like a taste of summer. I’ll take some of the nicest buns over to my parents after a while, but it won’t be any trouble at all to eat the rest myself. I had better plan to stick to apples for dessert tomorrow.

In other news: just went over 50,000 words for Christmas Break! So I feel pretty satisfied. 50,000 words in one month isn’t bad. It’s like doing NaNoWriMo, only I started with 32,000 words already sitting there, so I’m now up to 82,000 (obviously). I’m thinking this ms. will come in at about 94,000 words, which is VERY SHORT for me. I have actually thought of a subplot I will probably put in, since plainly there will be room for it. I may do that before taking a break (no promises).

In still other news: Giedre is exactly three weeks from her official due date. The roads should be clear in another two days or so. May they stay that way until after Giedre has had her litter! With three healthy puppies on the ground and gaining weight, I will not care what the weather does. (And may Folly come into season NOW so I can breed her while the weather is good, too.)

I do like having puppies ready to go to new homes in the spring. But this whelping in winter thing is scary. I mean, even scarier than normal. I’m thinking next year maybe I will put off breeding any girl so that she will be due in decent weather.

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