If Steinbeck had written Harry Potter…

A fun post from Sage Blackwood.

And I need a smile this morning, because a) burst water pipe; b) looking like the pipe broke right up at the ceiling; c) which is awfully hard to get to; d) my dad can cap the pipe, but it’ll be unfortunate if he has to take out a chunk of crown molding and a piece of the ceiling to get to the broken bit.

But! I truly shouldn’t complain, because my dad CAN cap the pipe, if he can get to it — he’s a handy guy; and anyway, if I MUST have water, my parents’ house is right over across the street.

I hear hundreds of pipes have broken over the last day. Why would they break as it starts to warm up, instead of while it was so cold? To plumbers, it seems to make sense. They’re prioritizing people who don’t have heat, which totally makes sense, but I sure hope Dad can cap this pipe because otherwise I’ll be crossing the street to shower for days.

UPDATE: We found the break! It is not up high. It is barely above halfway up the wall. That should be fixable, as long as Dad has extra bits of pipe around. If he doesn’t, of course, no way to drive to the hardware store today. The roads are still dreadful. But still! Happy to have found the break.

Anyway, click through and read Harry Potter and the Grapes of Wrath. And spare a moment to appreciate that you aren’t a homesteader! Sage Blackwood says she spent 8 years in Alaska, so she might have been closer to the homesteader thing than most of us ever get.

Also, scroll down and read about Sage’s experience with NaNoWriMo back in 2009.

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