You know, maybe I will make New Year’s Resolutions this year

Book-related New Year’s resolutions only. Because we all know how those declarations about losing weight and exercising more go, don’t we? I mean, as if, right? But these I think I can manage:

1. Read more new-to-me authors. Enough that I can pick a top-ten list of new-to-me authors at the end of the year. This should be easy! And fun! BUT! It will also mean that this year I cannot fall in love with one or two authors and read everything they ever wrote. Because from last year, it’s clear that there is NO WAY I can both read through a couple extensive backlists AND read a lot of different new-to-me authors. NO WAY.

2. Read enough debuts that I can pick a top-five-debuts at the end of the year. I am absolutely terrible about debuts. I think I hardly ever read a book the same year it is published. Though I REALLY don’t want to focus on the shiny new debuts at the expense of older books, I would like to do at least a little bit better at reading at least A FEW of the new, shiny titles.

3. Read at least enough older books that I can pick a top-five list of titles that are at least five years old — or older. Right now I am dipping into THE TALE OF GENJI, which is about as “older” as you can get. I don’t like it much, I admit. Genji is way too perfect and spoiled. But I want to read at least half of it.

4. Buy books even when I don’t plan to read them this year. Especially second and third books in series. As you might imagine, I am way more conscious now of the need to support authors than I was before I needed people to buy *my* books.

5. Post. Even when I lose internet access in May (oak leaves block the signal more effectively than you might think), I hereby resolve to post at least every other day, either from work or by taking my laptop with me when I go to town.

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2 thoughts on “You know, maybe I will make New Year’s Resolutions this year”

  1. If I weren’t forsaking the Hugos out of bitterness, I’d probably resolve to read some SF published in 2014 so I could make nominations.

    You should calculate the average age (mean, median and sure, mode too) of the books you read this year, just to see what reading the first novel ever does to the numbers.

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