Oh, hey, a new vampire novel by Barbara Hambly!

I just happened across this review by Liz Bourke over at tor.com.

You all know how I feel about the James Asher series. Or, as I think of it, the Simon Ysidro series, since to me Ysidro is the defining presence. ANYWAY, you know the one I mean. Two thumbs up for Severn House, which is keeping both this series and the Benjamin January mysteries moving along!

This installment is called Kindred of Darkness. Sounds like less travel but (if possible) more tension.


Liz says:

When it comes to Barbara Hambly’s novels, the first word that springs to mind is usually atmospheric. There is a dark, brooding, flickering-gaslight quality to The Kindred of Darkness; and an undertone of lurking horror that will be familiar to readers of the previous James Asher novels. Hambly’s vampires are monsters, murderers, capable of seductive manipulation of the humans on which they prey but even the best of them are never less than terrible.

Compellingly so, for Hambly is an excellent writer, at the top of her game. Her prose has always been precise, richly descriptive; her characters powerfully believable people. That is no less true here than it has been for her career to date. Indeed, it may even be a little more so. Her attention to historical detail is consistently delightful—as is only to be expected from the author of the Benjamin January mystery series.

Yes to all this. You can click through and read the whole thing if you want an idea of the main plot structure. There aren’t actual spoilers, so no need to worry about that. I gather that Lydia is front and center in this one, which is great, since much as I love James as a protagonist, I love Lydia more.

Anyway, I’m sure many of you will join me in looking forward to this one. Amazon says it’ll be released March 1st.

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4 thoughts on “Oh, hey, a new vampire novel by Barbara Hambly!”

  1. My bookseller sourced me a copy before Christmas, through his American supplier, so you might not have to wait until March.

  2. When I saw that write up on Tor’s site I poked around and found it was published in England in November – Severn House is British, AIR. But I’m not willing to pay $32+ shipping for it. Sorry, Ms. Hambly. Sounds good though. I’m glad she’s not doing another ‘we’re afraid a foreign power is using vampires’ plotline.

  3. I’m saving it for later in the month when my boyfriend is overseas. I’m savouring the anticipation right now…

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